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Enjoy a Cruise with Vacation Vouchers!


We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the cruises we organize.
The Agence Nationale pour les Chèques Vacances (ANCV) has been providing vacation vouchers for 40 years.

ANCV is a state-owned public establishment, and is responsible for the public service mission. This mission consists of promoting access to vacations for as many people as possible, through a range of services and aids.

For whom

Beneficiaries of this type of payment have access to a large network of 128,600 tourism and leisure professionals of all sizes throughout France.
It benefits 4.76 million employees and civil servants, who can use their vouchers for leisure and vacations. 

Small and large companies, private and public sector organizations can implement this type of dematerialized payment to motivate and retain their employees, and enhance their attractiveness as an employer.

How it works

ParisBoatClub accepts them as payment. All you have to do is send us an e-mail when you have chosen the cruise, outing or tour that suits you best!
You will then receive a link to validate your cheques for payment.
Via mobile, you will need the application Chèque-Vacances, downloadable from App Store or Google Play.
This application, dedicated to "Chèque-Vacances Connect" beneficiaries, enables you to :

  • Pay for your cruise entirely electronically, to the nearest cent and from €20 upwards, whether you're on site, at a distance or online.
  • Consult the Chèque-Vacances Connect acceptance network
  • Check your balance and latest transactions
  • Consult the ANCV Guide, which lists all the organizations that accept it (Restaurants, Accommodation, Leisure, Art and Culture, Travel and Transport).

You can also check your balance and payment history. You'll also be able to access all the offers available from merchants and e-merchants in the Chèque-Vacances network, such as ParisBoatClub!

Simple no!

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