Professionals - Team Building

Team Building with Paris as a reward!
A cruise in Paris to work!
A unique experience in a unique setting! 

Embark after the signing of an important contract and foster a special atmosphere of relaxation and fun!
Embark on a timeless meeting with several people and
that will leave a mark!
Fostering team spirit, strengthening the group culture and
the experience of the team!
Enjoy a relaxing moment together
Promote a relaxed atmosphere,
self-confidence and commitment in an extraordinary context:
a boat sailing in the center of Paris!
Embark with your team for a cruise between colleagues on the Seine.
Paris to meet, improve a collective cohesion and
weave strong links!

Paris to evolve together.
Thanks to this outdoor event in a magical place, in Paris on the Seine on a Jeanneau boat, consolidate common goals.
Relax and enjoy these unique and unforgettable moments!

For your Team Building

Choose the time slot that suits you
Groups up to 9 people

Choose the perfect day!

Shuttle possible, from one point to another in Paris
or to Paris

Provision of the boat with skipper

Fridge and toilets on board

Wifi and Internet available